Cold storage panels for food industry

Ruukki's insulated cold storage panel system offers low operating costs, thanks to high levels of both thermal insulation properties and airtightness. Panel thicknesses from 120mm to 200mm and different coating options for higher levels of hygiene makes this panel system suitable for different types of cold storage.

Our cold storage panels have high quality PIR insulation material to ensure long term durability, even in the most demanding applications.

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Frame and envelope optimisation

Our most extensive service concept makes it possible for developers of single-storey buildings to have direct control of investment and operating costs of the building from early stages on. We can optimise the building envelope and frame to meet the specific goals of the project and even optimise the life cycle energy costs, including the HVAC system.

Tailored component deliveries

Working with our buying customers and installation companies, we can, together, offer the benefits of our products and technical support to a wide range of construction projects.

Cold storage panel offering


Sandwich panel SP2E X-PIRS

X-PIR 120 - 160 0.18 - 0.14 Standard fix EI15 - 30 B-s1,d0

Sandwich panel SP2E E-PIRS

E-PIR 120 - 160 0.18 - 0.14 Standard fix EI15 - 30 B-s2, d0

Sandwich panel SP2E X-PIR

X-PIR 120 - 200 0.18 - 0.11 Standard fix EI15 - 60 B-s1,d0

Sandwich panel SP2E E-PIR

E-PIR 120 - 200 0.18 - 0.11 Standard fix EI15 - 30 B-s2, d0

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