Rhenus Logistics invested in functionality and style in Lithuania

Aug 02, 2018

Rhenus Logistics is an international logistics company with more than 28,000 employees worldwide. Its new premises in Lithuania, some 8 kilometres southwest of Vilnius, were completed in winter 2017. The company had earlier operated out of leased premises next door to the recently-completed building, but had outgrown these as its business grew. 

Functionality first

The building complex includes a single-storey hall and warehouse facility, and a two-storey office building. 

Space and functionality were the primary requirements for the new building. The customer’s starting point was that the office part of the complex would be an open-plan office, with a few separate workspaces. The customer required direct access to the warehouse facilities from the office and changing rooms and wanted to make the breakroom modifiable so that it could also be used for events.

“Design of the logistics hall also needed to take into account the storage and other technology used in the building as well as fire safety criteria. Technical solutions are key in designing a building like this,” explains building designer architect Ignė Grigaliūnaitė from architects Kita kryptis with reference to the functional requirements.

It’s the whole appearance that counts

The building was built to reflect the customer’s brand and corporate colours, with grey being used in the façades. The design language was clarity, where the office building clearly stands out as a separate concept in front of the warehouse building. 

The walls of the logistics centre and office building were built using sandwich panels made by Ruukki and the façade of the office building was clad using Ruukki cladding lamellas. These special cladding lamellas were made in a matt surface dark silver colour expressly for this building. 

“Sandwich panels are particularly suitable for industrial construction. The grey matt coating gives the building a coherent and solid look,” says Ignė Grigaliunaite.

Inge Grigaliunaite adds thatsince panels include the all the layers a wall needs - internal and external surfaces and insulation - and can be quickly installed, they can be used to create a building that meets all the regulations cost-efficiently. Cladding the office building added to the impressiveness of the entire complex. 
“Cladding lamellas brought details to the façade, nuances that prevent it from looking like a long, flat and dreary surface. They gave the surface a horizontal dimension,” explains Ignė Grigaliunaite.

Ignė Grigaliunaite says that Ruukki was really helpful. They provided support in choosing the most suitable products, in the designs and in drawing up the details. 
In addition to their appearance properties, Ignė Grigaliunaite has a clear practical image of Ruukki’s products. 

“Ruukki’s products are top quality and make for practical implementation and design. Another advantage is that they can be used to build quickly.” 

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